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Outdoor Advetising is Easy as Changing a Lightbulb

Well, maybe not quite that easy, but outdoor projector advertising is a simple and interesting means of gaining consumer attention. Just like fireworks, the movement of colorful lights illuminating the darkness of the night will attract peoples attention and the technology allows for artistic creativity which can be rotated with the push of a button. The ease of rotating creative with projector advertising is a superior benefit over traditional outdoor advertising such as billboards, signs, banners, etc... which normally don't rotate creative easily, but do maintain great frequency with long shelf life.

Kinetic Lighting, Inc in Los Angeles maintains an impressive outdoor projector advertising portfolio including the Nationwide promotion below. Visit their website for other examples and information.

nationwide outdoor projector onenationwide projector outdoor advertising two


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New Prime Television Shows in the Fall 08 Line UP

Worst Week: Mondays at 9:30e/ 8:30c pm

The Mentalist: Tuesday at 9e/ 8c pm

Gary Unmarried: Wednesday at 8:30e/7:30c pm

Eleventh Hour: Thursday at 10e/9c pm

The Ex List: Friday at 9e/8c pm

Opportunity Knocks: Tuesday at 8e/7c pm

Life on Mars: Thursday at 10e/9c pm

Fringe: Tuesdays at 9e/ 7c pm

Do Not Disturb: Wednesday at 9:30e/8:30c pm

Hole in the Wall: Thursday at 8e/7c pm

My Own Worst Enemy: Monday at 10e/9c pm

Knight Rider: Wednesday at 8e/7c pm

Kath and Kim: Thursday at 8:30e/ 7:30c pm

Crusoe: Friday at 8e/ 7c pm

90210: Tuesday at 8e/ 7c pm

Privileges: Tuesday at 9e/ 8c pm

Stylista: Wednesday at 9a/8c pm

In Harm’s Way: Sunday at 7e/6c pm

Surviving Suburbia: Sunday at 7:30e/6:30c pm

Valentine Inc.: Sunday at 8e/7c pm

Easy Money: Sunday at 9e/8c pm

World’s Funniest Moments: Wednesday at 8e/ 7c pm

Tony Rock Project: Wednesday at 9e/ 8c pm


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Yahoo Answers

Yahoo! Answers

All of us have had questions in which we have turned to the internet for answers.  Yahoo Answers is a massive forum which is open to the internet public and covers just about any question that can pop into your mind. 

For example, say you have a question about Avid video editing system, or how to bake wheat bread, or the name of an actor/actress you saw on television; simply post your question to the online world and wait for a response.  Or if you are a video editor, baker, or movie critic you can voice a response to the question. 

The site is driven by the public, so it is similar to Wikipedia in that sense, but it has a much more informal atmosphere about it.  And it is for this fact that I warn you that any answers you draw from Yahoo Answers is not necessarily a fact and is more than likely not accredited.


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June 08: Question of the Month

   As I am sure you know, the increase in gas prices has noticeably affected the automotive industry, travel industry, and the overall American economy.  Truck and SUV sales are plummeting and fuel efficient cars are increasing in popularity.  Thousands of families who normal go on vacation for the long Memorial Day weekend stayed home this year due to the high gas prices and increased airfares.

I have two hypothetical questions for you:

1.) As a marketer for an automotive company, how would you promote trucks and SUVs in order to prevent diminishing sales?

2.) As a marketer for a travel/airfare guide company (such as Travelocity), how would you promote your business to entice people to go on vacations?


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Pepsi All Star Soccer Player Vs. S.U.M.Os

Here’s a funny commercial that pits a team of soccer super stars against a team of large S.U.M.O. wrestlers.  The start of the commercial showcases the all star’s foot-work, but the S.U.M.O. wrestlers diffidently steal the show through comedy.  It’s a Pepsi commercial, so no big surprise as to what they are playing for…

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March ’08 ? of the Month

QuestionMark.jpg It is common knowledge that America tends to censer and restrict advertising content in comparison to countries overseas.  This includes language, sexual content, imagery, etc… 

Does this freedom proved an edge to non-American agencies by allowing them more freedoms when developing a campaign?  Or do American agencies benefit from receiving extra attention when they push “the line” in an ad because the restrictions are more prominent?

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Improv Everywhere: Comical Entertainment Providing Good PR

Improv Everywhere is a fantastically hilarious phenomenon that it grabbing people’s attention everywhere. This New York City based organization develops odd situations for its member, otherwise know as agents, to perform at a specific location and time. They have organized impromptu situations at Startbuck, Abercrombie and Fitch, NYC subway system, convinced pedestrians that U2 was performing on rooftop, and more. Some of the events only have a handful of agents participating while others incorporate hundreds of people.

The interesting marketing aspect of this phenomenon is the PR the targeted stores receive from having an Improv Everywhere event at their location. Yes, it can be uncomfortable and confusing for their employees and customers, but it will ensure that video of the event, and in turn the company’s brand, will be streamed over the internet and viewed by thousands of people.

If nothing else, the Improv Everywhere group provides wonderful entertainment in a creative, off beat form.

Improv Everywhere’s Best Buy Event

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The Swiss Make Crop Circles Not Aliens

Swiss Air artistically designed this land scape to promote their website… (the website, however, has appeared to have moved to now) Not only is this agricultural advertisement creative, but it hits its target market perfectly. For lack of better words, the crop circle can only be viewed in its entirety from the air, and, because Swiss Air is an airline, individuals flighting are their target market.

Also, due to the originality of the ad, viral marketing comes into play, and swartzonmedia is a prime example of this.

swiss air crop circle promotion ad

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January ’08: ? Of The Month

QuestionMark.jpg With TiVo, DVR, and video streaming on the web, advertising on television programs has changed. Commercials are being fast forwarded and the market has become very aware of product placement. There have been a number of tricks, campaigns, and concepts kicked around for this issue. So my question to you is:

“How will marketers utilize television advertising, so it remains a highly effective advertising tool?”

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Question of The Month

QuestionMark.jpg I have decided to try to get a little reader participation for Swartz On Media. At the beginning of each month I will post a relevant question, and ask ya’ll to post a response.
Please feel free to argue each other’s answers as long as you keep it clean.

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