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WB and UPN Flopped…Will CW?

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The WB and UPN broadcasting networks are the two worse broadcasting networks out of the six existing. Both have never turned a profit (except WB like one year) and are in debt a great deal of money. So, what to do? The two networks are merging together to form the new CW network. The CW stands for CBS and Warner Brothers. CBS will own half of CW and Warner Bros. will own the other half. The merge will take place starting in September of 2006. “The new network will broadcast such UPN shows as ‘America’s Next Top Model’ and ‘Veronica Mars,’ as well as WB programs ‘Beauty and the Geek’ and ‘Smallville.’”( They have selected the target market to be 18 to 34 year-olds. I’m still in college, so I’m surrounded by people that fall into this group, so it will be interesting to see people’s reaction to the new network first hand.

So will this network be a champ or a chump. It already has a fan base, is dropping its lower rating shows, and has the opportunity to have a whole new look. Although I know that it’s hard to pick yourself back up from a situation like this, I think that CW has a chance. In fact I feel that in five years it could squeeze into the mix of the other broadcasting networks instead of trailing behind them. But, this is America, and you can never be sure about what people will like and what they will reject.

But I’m always interesting to hear other’s predictions. So, I ask of you, my reader, to ad me in a poll. Please, reply to this question and I’ll post the results.

My personal opinion is that CW will swim at least better than the two networks were doing before the merge.

Q: Will CW sink or swim?

Poll says:

Sink: 0

Swim: 1
03/07/2006- Five new affiliates have been signed for CW: Cleveland, South Bend, Orlando, Louisville, and Charlotte.

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Super Bowl Commercials or Olympic?

Super Bowl vs. Olympics

olympics 2006.gif

For all the great super bowl ads visit this site… But some major companies are going to be shying away from advertising in Super Bowl XL such as McDonalds and Visa. What could possibly be the reason? Simple…the 2006 winter Olympics. But is this smart? I know that the Olympics go on for seventeen days compared to the Super Bowl’s one night event. Also, the super bowl cost over two millions dollars for thirty seconds of air time, where the Olympics are only seven-hundreds-thousand. But not everyone watches the Olympics for every second it’s on like the Super Bowl, and some people who don’t like football watch the Super Bowl for the commercials.

At times I’d say that McDonalds and Visa are crazy to completely miss out on the opportunity for such good air time, but then again I can see why the Olympics would attract them. People may not be watching every second of the Olympics, but watch it more over the seventeen days than just one football game.

However, now that both events commenced, the Super Bowl was the most watch thing on television in ten years, and the Olympics lost millions of viewers compared to years past. So which did better advertising wise in the end? Please, tell me your thoughts. But, either way I watched both and supported the United States of America and my Pittsburg Steelers AKA: Super Bowl Champs!

sb final score.jpg

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