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WB and UPN Flopped…Will CW?

CW logo

(Please reply to the poll at the bottom)

The WB and UPN broadcasting networks are the two worse broadcasting networks out of the six existing. Both have never turned a profit (except WB like one year) and are in debt a great deal of money. So, what to do? The two networks are merging together to form the new CW network. The CW stands for CBS and Warner Brothers. CBS will own half of CW and Warner Bros. will own the other half. The merge will take place starting in September of 2006. “The new network will broadcast such UPN shows as ‘America’s Next Top Model’ and ‘Veronica Mars,’ as well as WB programs ‘Beauty and the Geek’ and ‘Smallville.’”( They have selected the target market to be 18 to 34 year-olds. I’m still in college, so I’m surrounded by people that fall into this group, so it will be interesting to see people’s reaction to the new network first hand.

So will this network be a champ or a chump. It already has a fan base, is dropping its lower rating shows, and has the opportunity to have a whole new look. Although I know that it’s hard to pick yourself back up from a situation like this, I think that CW has a chance. In fact I feel that in five years it could squeeze into the mix of the other broadcasting networks instead of trailing behind them. But, this is America, and you can never be sure about what people will like and what they will reject.

But I’m always interesting to hear other’s predictions. So, I ask of you, my reader, to ad me in a poll. Please, reply to this question and I’ll post the results.

My personal opinion is that CW will swim at least better than the two networks were doing before the merge.

Q: Will CW sink or swim?

Poll says:

Sink: 0

Swim: 1
03/07/2006- Five new affiliates have been signed for CW: Cleveland, South Bend, Orlando, Louisville, and Charlotte.

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February 5, 2006 - Posted by | Media 2.0, Television


  1. Jeff-
    A few thoughts:
    If you were building a brand targeting a younger crowd (think MTV) do you think this logo is meaningful to the target audience?
    What would you suggest a new TV network do to promote itself?

    Nice start though- made me think about this a little differently.

    Comment by blogosopher | February 5, 2006 | Reply

  2. Sorry for taking so long to reply.
    The logo is quite boring and not appealing for the MTV target audience. But a logo in the emergence of a new network is important to have people recognize the network, but there are other things CW needs to be doing to get the younger crowd’s attention. For example, announcing on UPN and WB that they will be moving to a new network. There is already a fan base for a lot of the shows on UPN and WB. Not telling them would be like packing up you bags and moving without telling your friends and family how to reach you.

    Another opportunity, although difficult, would be to create a few original programs to revamp the network’s image. If the merging networks did not do well before with the images they had then why would they do well under a different name with the same kinds of images.

    A catcher, yet adult logo with interesting advertisements on media channels that the MTV crowd experiences are the basic steps to getting there attention. But right now the message that needs to be out there is the fact that CW is coming from a merge between UPN and WB. People, young or old, cannot watch something they do not know exists.

    Comment by swartzonmedia | February 21, 2006 | Reply

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