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VW…What the Hell?

You ever see a commercial or ad that is just so out there and seems so stupid that you cannot look away. VW’s new GTIMkV commercials are like that for me. On one of their websites you can build and “test drive” your own custom GTI. It is a pretty funny ride and worth visiting for a laugh. Buy I guess they are sticking in people’s heads though this seems to be due to their silly commercial and not people’s desire to buy their product. My recommendation for a build your own car site that has nice cars is BMW’s webpage where you can customize any model they produce.



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Ideas About Advertising on TV

Just as “TV killed the radio star,” TiVo and On Demand is aiding in killing commercials. One solution, which has already begun, is to increase product placement. Simple enough, but the people of today are so desensitized that some product placement is not noticed. There are other, more in your face, product placement like HBO‘s Sopranos where they will have a brief conversation about Porsche’s Cayenne and the Chevrolet Corvette.

The thought I developed has to do with my vision of commercials losing more of their effectiveness on consumers with the norm of channel surfing and TiVo and On Demand. My idea is to create a commercial station. This station would not show commercials the public is used to seeing, but it would show mini television shows which are actually long commercials. The only way this would work is if the programming on this station was actually entertaining.

Another idea which has already been done by Chevrolet I believe, is to buy all the ad time for a program and show a long commercial at the start of the show, have it’s conclusion at the end of the show, and integrate some product placement.

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IRL driver Paul Dana’s death causes many effects.

paul dana As many of you may know, Rahal Letterman Racing team‘s rookie Paul Dana passed away after a coalition with Ed Carpenter of Vision Racing on May 19th. Dana was married and just shy of turning 31 years-old. He died living his dream of racing Indy cars, but his death raised moral, business, and controversial questions.

The most common question being asked is “should the race of proceeded even though it was known that Dana was pronounced dead?” IRL president Brian Barnhart stated on ESPN radio that Continue reading

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X-men III and Other Comics in the Silver Theatre

Frasier as Beast…come on…anyway the X-men and Spiderman movies headed a new age of comic books transferring into Hollywood movies. My personal favorites are the new Batman and X-men movies. But this is just another trend. A few decades ago the same event occurred and it faded out until a few years ago.

So what is the next new style of movies? Reality television was quite the hit on television, but MTV tried to break into the reality movie nitch and failed. Or maybe musicals will rise again other than Disney cartoons.

The fact is that it is harder to grab the public’s attention because new movies seem to be old movies mixed together. They have the same story line or even the same everything because they are in fact remakes of older movies. But what sells best on the big screen is something fresh which no one has ever witnessed before. The question is…what ideas are left to make a movie that is completely fresh and new?


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Building an Ad Campaign for Kramer’s Tavern

This post is dedicated to informing and recording the development of a group project for my Marketing 421: Advertising course.

We have selected Kramer’s Tavern, located at 1018 Irving Ave. in Dayton, Ohio, to aid us in our project. We are asked to gather budget, target audience, and other research from the owner and establishment and develop a potential advertisement campaign. Please keep in mind that we do not actually advertise or receive money, this is a fake advertising campaign. Continue reading

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Award Shows Are Not As Popular As Before

oscar.jpgThe last recent televised award shows have not maintained or improved their ratings of previous years. The most recent show to air is the Oscar’s on ABC and they exceeded expectations with thirty-nine million viewers which is still a drop in comparison to last year. The Emmy’s fared even worse. I personal find these kinds of television events boring, but now it seems that more and more people are agreeing with me.

oscar.jpgAward shows are becoming large in number and redundant. It is sad when the close someone is wearing and who designed them is more broadcast and interesting to people than the performers, actors, actresses earning their award. But this is A.D.D. America Continue reading

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I Use Google’s Blog Search..What Do You Use?

blogsearch google.gif

There are a few search engines for blogs that I played around with, but the one I liked best is It just like the normal google, but it searches strictly blogs. Although I am pleased with I would be happy if a search engine for was provided under my dashboard. Even if it searched only blogs I would still find it useful. With technological developments happening everyday I hope and think that will adopt this feature in the future.

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Jobs For Friends

The saying “it is not what you know, but who you know” circulates around a college campus like a merry-go-round. I always understood it to be true, but never thought about the negative possibilities for hiring your friend or a friend of a friend. I hold an on campus job right now where I bust my hump everyday I work. A friend and fraternity brother needed employment during the school year, so I put him in contact with my boss, and he was offered a job simply on my word that he would be as good of a worker as I have been for the company. Continue reading

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Kramer’s Tavern in Dayton, OH

pizza and beer.jpgKramer’s Tavern is the all around American family owned bar. It was established in 1933, and is currently under its third generation of father to son ownership. If you stop by for some of there famous pizza or burger, you can either sit at the stocked bar, a table, or in there game room patio playing pool, foosball, darts, and more. There are no draft beers, but you can enjoy one of their domestic or import beers out of cans or bottles that range from 12 ounces to 40 ounces. Kramer’s is located at 1018 Irving Ave just passed Irving Commons near the University of Dayton. They are open till 1:00 am everyday for that late night bite to eat or to drink a few beers with your buddies or girls. So if you are tired of the normal Brown St. bars like BW3, Milano’s, The Fieldhouse, Flanagan’s, and Tim’s tryout the more cozy and inviting Kramer’s Tavern.

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The End of AFV?

America’s Funniest Home Videos and other show of that nature cannot hold a candle to the attention humorous websites are getting from 18-25 year-olds. Two examples of these sites are, which used to be, and

I used to love watching clips on funny television home video shows, but now I find very few clips on those shows funny. The guy from the movie Varsity Blues said it best…”they should change it to funniest videos of guys getting hit in the nuts.”
Web sites are starting to take over. They have jokes, funny videos, interesting videos, pictures, games, and more all on one stop. Also, they are up dated everyday, so, unlike television shows, they are resent clips.

Some of the content on them may not be appropriate for young children, but the young adults of today seem to eat up the material on them. Also, it allows a person to have a better chance of getting one of your own video or picture online than on a television show.

This is yet another shift of on demand technology becoming more and more appealing to Americans.

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