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I Use Google’s Blog Search..What Do You Use?

blogsearch google.gif

There are a few search engines for blogs that I played around with, but the one I liked best is It just like the normal google, but it searches strictly blogs. Although I am pleased with I would be happy if a search engine for was provided under my dashboard. Even if it searched only blogs I would still find it useful. With technological developments happening everyday I hope and think that will adopt this feature in the future.


March 7, 2006 - Posted by | Internet, Media 2.0

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  1. As with any search engine I\’m interested in whichever one gives me the broadest sweep of material to draw from, which I can narrow down by more exact search parameters. Given that, if I wanted to further isolate a search to wordpress blogs — say, I had reason to believe that a specific blogger had a wordpress site but I couldn\’t remember the site name or address, I suppose I would include \”wordpress\” in the search. I don\’t know that I\’d want a search engine that had already narrowed the field that far on its own… though it could be handy as an option.

    Comment by Mike Norton | March 7, 2006 | Reply

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