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Award Shows Are Not As Popular As Before

oscar.jpgThe last recent televised award shows have not maintained or improved their ratings of previous years. The most recent show to air is the Oscar’s on ABC and they exceeded expectations with thirty-nine million viewers which is still a drop in comparison to last year. The Emmy’s fared even worse. I personal find these kinds of television events boring, but now it seems that more and more people are agreeing with me.

oscar.jpgAward shows are becoming large in number and redundant. It is sad when the close someone is wearing and who designed them is more broadcast and interesting to people than the performers, actors, actresses earning their award. But this is A.D.D. America where trends of television viewing and programs come and go quickly and people want something new everyday.

oscar.jpgThe advertising is lacking for these award shows. MTV music awards is probably doing the best promoting, but they repeat the same information (and shows) all day everyday, especially if it is about themselves. Maybe this is what other, more prestigious, award shows need to do. If the viewership continues to drop then advertisers will spend less and less money on ad space for that event. This means less money, which means a little lower quality of a show, which means less viewership and it will continue on with this cycle. I am not saying that the big award shows will fall victim to this cycle; I am simply saying that people are not as interested in these shows as they used to be. If there is not something done to regain interest then they will become nothing more than a red carpet fashion show that not an ample amount of people will watch.


March 9, 2006 - Posted by | Media 2.0, Television

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