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X-men III and Other Comics in the Silver Theatre

Frasier as Beast…come on…anyway the X-men and Spiderman movies headed a new age of comic books transferring into Hollywood movies. My personal favorites are the new Batman and X-men movies. But this is just another trend. A few decades ago the same event occurred and it faded out until a few years ago.

So what is the next new style of movies? Reality television was quite the hit on television, but MTV tried to break into the reality movie nitch and failed. Or maybe musicals will rise again other than Disney cartoons.

The fact is that it is harder to grab the public’s attention because new movies seem to be old movies mixed together. They have the same story line or even the same everything because they are in fact remakes of older movies. But what sells best on the big screen is something fresh which no one has ever witnessed before. The question is…what ideas are left to make a movie that is completely fresh and new?



March 22, 2006 - Posted by | Diverse topics, Media 2.0

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