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Blogosopher: The Blogging Seminar

A few months back I had no idea what a blog was let alone how to maintain one. I began setting up my summer internship with The Next Wave: Advertising and Marketing firm when I discovered it.

My boss was the instructor of a Dayton based blogging seminar called blogosopher. This seminar helped me and others create or better our blogs. I am seriously thinking about attending a second seminar to pick up any tips I may have missed.

If you are in Dayton, Ohio and want to better your blog or even if you do not reside in Dayton this is a site ( worth checking out.


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Anheuser-Busch Donates to Katrina and Faces Poinless Storm From Marin Institute

According to Advertising Age‘s Jeremy Mullman, Anheuser-Busch donated 3.8 million dollars to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina. Anheuser-Busch stopped production of their canned beverages to bottle drinking water in Anheuser-Busch marked cans which were sent to the devastated areas in Budweiser trucks.

Sounds generous, but Marin Institute viewed it as a ploy to feed off the devastation in order to boast Anheuser-Busch sales. They believe that during hard times people tend to find salvation in alcohol and Anheuser-Busch is simply encouraging them with their products.

Although Anheuser-Busch probably use their donation for promotional reason like any company who wishes to make money would, it was most likely cheaper to do what they did. Instead of buying water from another company they produced it themselves. Also, rather than paying a shipping company to deliver their water they drove their own trucks.

Florida Sen. Steven A. Geller said, “If we had more companies that were acting as poorly as you accuse Anheuser-Busch of acting, my state and country would be far better off.” Marin also received letters from different governmental leaders agreeing with Geller.

Marin is sticking to their accusations against Anheuser-Busch. And since Hurricane Katrina they have attacked Coors Brewing Co. and Sutter Home winery for charitable donations.

After reading Mullman’s article I feel that I should donate a little bit more of my time and money to charitable cause like Anheuser-Busch and at the same time crack open one of my 16 ounce Bud Light bottles I have at home.


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Soda vs. Pop The argument across America

I found a post on this epic battle on (a pretty good site). There is a link to a website call which conducts a survey on what people call soft drinks across America and compiles the information. Most people have had this conversation, so this should be interesting to some of you as it was interesting to me.soda vs pop.gif

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Commercial Channel

If you haven’t noticed, many television ads these days are entertainment. Also, the number of television channels is incredible and just about every nitch in any event has its own channel. It might be that I like to watch commercials, but I believe that a channel with all ads could be successful in done correctly. People love to watch the special after the Super Bowl with all the commercial, Carmen Electra‘s Sexiest Commercials show, or the funniest commercials show.

However, having a string of only 15, 30, 60 second ads could not be great television. Companies would be able to create entertaining ads lasting a few minutes specifically for this channel. I believe it was Chevrolet who has done short film commercials on the show 24 before. Car companies could have auto shows; food companies could place cooking shows, and so on.

Of course there would need to be much more structure and scheduling to this idea, but America knows that with commercials and product placement they are being bombarded with ads hidden in their programming. So why hide it? Most people wouldn’t care if a channel was devoted to advertising as long as it was entertaining to them.

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Online Road Maps Getting Better

The better they make the maps the happier I am. I travel via road a lot an us online maps, but they have been wrong… a lot. I normal compare the online directions with a real road map just to make sure I get to where I want to go. It’ll be nice if online maps get good enough to where I don’t have to do this. But I must say that Window’s Live Local is a pretty nifty map which I will possibly use in the future.

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Ogilvy on Advertising is a Great Read For an Ad Person

A few months ago I finished reading David Ogilvy’s Ogilvy on Advertising. Ogilvy’s advertising firm is known world wide and has held clients such as Sears, Time Warner Cable, DHL, and American Express to only mention a few. The book is the story of Ogilvy’s professional life enriched with tips and information which can help better your advertising. The book is over 20 years old and many of the examples are out of date, but even I, being about the same age of the book, found it to be more helpful than some of my college courses. I recommend purchasing this book if you are in the field. Sometimes old school is better than new school.

ogilvy on advertising

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Amazing Maps for Blogs

All though Google maps, Yahoo map, geomapping, etc.. have been around for months now, it is news to me. This is really cool stuff where you can pin point any place in the world with a link on a zoom capable map. has more to say on it. Something I have discovered is that map plugins are not compatible with the K2 theme and it is not available if your blog is such as mine. But if you think you can get this nifty plugin on your site try Ravi’s Blog, the Map Room, or wordpress plugins.

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Poem for a Blogging Seminar Ad

If you live around Dayton, OH and this poem catched your interest please visit

Why did you hire yourself a nerd?

The price he charges is absurd

In Google you’re on page 93

People don’t have that time you see.

But even now you are distraught

Compared to others your site’s not hot

Don’t let it sit and turn to rot

When Blogosopher can help a lot

Your website looks good, yet does not hit

But with no traffic it will sit

A change can happen this June or May

In only less than half a day

So if you’d like to boot your geek

The Blogosopher seminar is what you seek

Your website hits will surly peak

Leaving other websites seeming bleak

So if your site is looking sickly

Come visit quite quickly

Just a gander won’t take long

When has saving money been ever wrong?

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Live in Dayton and Looking to Better Your Blog?

Sat. May 27th and Thurs. June 22nd is having a seminar to help individuals improve their blogs, get into the top search results of search engines, and increase visitors to their site. The instructor, David Esrati, is owner of the Next Wave: Marketing and Advertising firm and increased hits to his site 600% after introducing blogs. If you are interesting in attending visit to sign up. It helped me.

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Virtual TV is here…not a joke…amazing

I was flying home from Florida recently when I picked up the Sky Mall magazine. They always advertise interesting products to either poke fun at or say, “I want that” and then you look at the price which quickly changes your mind.

As I was thumbing through the pages I came across DV920 eye wear which is basically eye glasses which project a 42 inch high resolution television screen for your viewing pleasure. The sides of the glasses have head phones for audio use. This is really amazing stuff and is the next big thing in electronic entertainment.


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