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Commercial Channel

If you haven’t noticed, many television ads these days are entertainment. Also, the number of television channels is incredible and just about every nitch in any event has its own channel. It might be that I like to watch commercials, but I believe that a channel with all ads could be successful in done correctly. People love to watch the special after the Super Bowl with all the commercial, Carmen Electra‘s Sexiest Commercials show, or the funniest commercials show.

However, having a string of only 15, 30, 60 second ads could not be great television. Companies would be able to create entertaining ads lasting a few minutes specifically for this channel. I believe it was Chevrolet who has done short film commercials on the show 24 before. Car companies could have auto shows; food companies could place cooking shows, and so on.

Of course there would need to be much more structure and scheduling to this idea, but America knows that with commercials and product placement they are being bombarded with ads hidden in their programming. So why hide it? Most people wouldn’t care if a channel was devoted to advertising as long as it was entertaining to them.


May 26, 2006 - Posted by | Media 2.0, Television

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