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Above the Influence Anti-Drug Commercials

The Above the Influence commercials tend to had an individual being controlled by others and resulting in doing stupid stuff. As I was searching for the commercials I found many websites remarking how stupid and ineffective the ads are. I never found them to be that good and individuals who have indulged in drugs find them incredibly stupid and funny just as a lot of cigarette smokers find the Stand ads to be ineffective and simply amusing.

Although the message maybe good, the effectiveness of stopping users seems to be low; however, it may help prevent the youth from starting to do drugs a little. But the topic is somewhat interesting and I found Above the Influence commercials’ website–> HERE. They have the deflated girl, squished girl, people changing a guy’s appearance, the fist in mouth, and others.

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Bud Light Secret Fridge Commercial

I was looking at Google’s super bowl commercial website and came across one of my recent favorite commercials… the Bud Light Secret Fridge. As you can tell by now I like beer commercials. They are entertaining and now-a-days commercials have to be entertaining sometimes so people don’t flip or fast-forward past them. Not only do I find the Bud Light Secret Fridge commercial to be entertaining, but I wish there was a secret/ magic fridge full of Bud Light that appeared in my house.


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Ad Flip

adflip_logo4.gif Ad Flip is a website I just found that has a collection of print advertising from the 1940s to the present. It is interesting to look through the ads and see how they have changed and/or stayed the same. Also, if you are in advertising or in school this is a good site to get ideas from or research the evolution of the printed advertisement.

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Nielsen will Research Commercial’s Ratings

Nielsen Media Research is the company who collects data, compiles it, and produces what we know as television ratings for television shows.  They will be providing national commercial rating beginning in the fall according to Ad Week.  This could effect how advertising is bought and sold depending on whether the networks and advertisers can agree on a stander then the Nielsen commercial ratings could be viewed as a form of currency.

Nielsen's rating system has always been flawed and their will be doubts and problems with the ratings of commercials, but it will put a new twist on the business. 

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Congrats to Me

Congrats to myself for getting over 1,000 hits (over 400 of which in the last 5 days mainly from my “Jack Link’s Messing w/Sasquatch“). Thank you to all of you who have visited my site.



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Indy Car’s Downforce Fan Club Tries to Sponsor Race Car

df_logo.gifThe IRL (Indy Racing League) fan club Downforce is trying to get it’s members to donate enough money to have their Downforce logo on the side of one of the race cars. If enough money is raised a sponsor will match that amount and there will be a Downforce logo on the side of a race. To sign up for the Downforce fan club click here.

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Xenadrine Commercial “Hey Fat Man!”

cytodyne_xenadrine_nrg.jpgA little shocking, but a good kick in the butt to over weight Americans. The Xenadrine weight loss pills mascot is spitting out all kinds of fat jokes to the average over weight American in this commercial. Although this commercial might hurt some people’s feelings it should get them motivated to loss the weight. After all AMERICA IS THE FATTEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!!!! Bigger is not always better people.

The Xenadrine commercial is funny because it’s a man in a ridiculous Xenadrine pill bottle costume, but the underline message is a good one. Maybe all people need is some tough love through a couple of jokes to get them to loss the weight instead of the normal rock hard model looking people normally on weight loss commercials. I love America, but as a whole we need to trim down.

This is just a good commercial

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FedEx Caveman Super Bowl Commercial

fedex.jpgIt has been some time since the 2006 Super Bowl, but one commercial sticks out in my mine even today. The FedEx Caveman commercial was just as effective as any of the other FedEx commercials, but it was one of the most entertaining commercials I have seen. I have not seen it run more than three times on television though. So, I had to hunt it down on the internet.

The commercial is humorous with a caveman business spoof where one caveman tries to deliver a “package” and fails to do so. When he gets back to his boss he is fired for not using FedEx which would have gotten the “package” to its destination no problem, but FedEx has not been invented yet. The end is surprising and possibly the funniest part of the commercial. The link to the commercial also has many other commercials for your viewing pleasure.

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Blogosopher in the Dayton Daily News

Dayton Daily New‘s Leigh Allan has written an article about Blogosopher, the blogging seminar I have been promoting. This is great publicity and will help increase attendance to the seminar (I say this with crossed fingers). Please check out the article, and if you are interested in increasing hits to your website and/or improving you business look at

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Figure Out What Gets Hits Works

l-logo-area.gifFor The Next Wave's (my summer '06 internship) blog website I was asked to compile media outlets in the Dayton, Ohio area and create a page for them. I did the research and created the page on the blog. The very next day a woman called asking about advertising on a show she produces in Youngstown, Ohio called the Valley Gold Show. She found our phone number off of our website due to the page I had just created the day before.

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