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Does a Chicken Suit Work?

chicken.jpg The classic person in a Chicken suit passing out fliers has been the butt of many jokes on American television. But can a large prop or noticeable get-up effectively increase desired attention?

As part of my ad campaign for Blogosopher I created fliers and handed them out wearing a shirt and tie in a busy food area during lunch hours on a Wednesday. I conducted the same task in a different but equally busy area the next day only I was carting around a actual surf board which read "The Next Wave" (the name of the ad firm I am interning for).

I received slightly more interest from lunch goers due to the surf board. One man even stated," You got my attention with that thing (the surf board)." Other individual were obviously interested in what I was doing due to the surf board, but refrained from commenting on it once they were closer or decided to make jokes about it.

So the prop got me slightly more attention, but it also gave mixed signals. Due to the surf board many people believed that I was selling something dealing with surfing on the water and not something dealing with surfing on the web.

A few people would hurry past me saying things like, "I don’t surf," or come up to me interested in learning how they can ride waves in Dayton, Ohio and being disappointed when the flyer's headline read "Improving Your Website Improves Your Business."

In conclusion a prop or get-up may get more attention, but could send mixed signals too.



June 1, 2006 - Posted by | Advertising, Media 2.0

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