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What’s Good in the Theater?

QuestionMark.jpg I've noticed that critics tend to think certain movies and/or shows are bad when the public seem to love them and visor versa.

TV Show Example: UPN's Veronic Mars is loved by critics yet has moderately low ratings. But because of its viewer potential from what critics say and a slight increase in ratings since the show’s start; it will say on the air when UPN and WB merge into CW.

Movie Example: Critics believe that X-Men III is not up to par with what they were expecting; yet many people I've talked to who have see the movie say that it was pretty darn good.

Being that I am not a critic and I am part of the general public I would like to hear what other people have to suggest rather than listen to critics.

Please, comment on what your favorite current shows and/or movies are.

My suggestions for shows are Deal or No Deal and My Name is Earl both on NBC and for movies I just rented and enjoyed The Ringer.


June 2, 2006 - Posted by | Media 2.0, Television

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