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Last Week’s Hurricane Tax Ended Proved to be Profitable

hurricane.jpgLiving in Ohio probably helped me in not hearing about the temporary stop on taxes for hurricane survival products in Florida.  The tax deal ended the day Hurricane season began.

“In the last hour, I have sold probably five generators and the accessory kits to go with them. We have been swamped,” said a floor manager at Vision Ace Hardware in to Cape Coral News-Press reporter Joan Laguardia

It appears that sales on these select items increased noticeably during this taxless time period. 

From a selling point of view a good marketing plan may be to have a campaign which says something like," We'll pay the tax on our products for you."  It seems that just by taking off 6%  (rather than the normal 10%, 25%, etc) can sell more products.

As for Florida the tax stop has seemed to motivate people to prepare for the hurricane season better than past years.  The safety of people is much more important than increasing sales of product.


June 9, 2006 - Posted by | Diverse topics, Media 2.0

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  1. That is an interesting observation. It it were true that means that taxes are definately hurting the economy. I know that they hurt my pocket book.

    Comment by besttanning | June 9, 2006 | Reply

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