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No More FAT America?

After work one day I was talking to a friend who was convinced that a health craze is just beginning in America. McDonald's, Wendy's, and other fast food joins have been serving healthier food for sometime now. Also, gym memberships seem to be rising overall and diet pills and wait loss programs are all over the television and internet. And plastic surgery is becoming as common as regular doctor check ups.

I must say that I noticed the increase in healthy living over the past five or so years, but the busy life style of the average American does not always allow for the healthy and fit life one wishes to live. With over half of American marriages ending in divorce and more people living and working on their own finding the time to cook/eat healthy is harder, not all take out or fast food joints are heathly and, let's face it, salads can get boring. The reason why America is the fattest country in the world is because of out society and life style. Health, wieght, and many other issues would get better if we were more relaxed and "stopped to smell the roses." So why not shut everything down and take naps like other countries. So America, the healthiest thing we can did is chill.


June 13, 2006 - Posted by | Diverse topics, Media 2.0

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