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Budweiser Gets Sneered at World Cup


German's call Budweiser watered-down beer and sneer at its advertising involvement in the World Cup.

German beer drinker Robert Paustian, 32, called Budweiser, "Spuelwasser," which means dishwater in German to Sabra Ayers of the Philadelphia Inquirer. Other German natives were not as kind when shouted remarks about the American beer.

The feeling in Germany is that this is a German hosted World Cup and should be sponsored by a German beer. However, no matter who sponsors the World Cup Germans will drink what they like. Nuremberg graduate student, Heiko Hofrickter, stated, "We don't make anything that you can compare it (Budweiser) to. We just don't make that kind of beer. Why would we, when you can drink this?"

Anheuser-Busch's Budweiser bought "pouring rights" for $40 million at the 12 World Cup stadiums. This was met with anti-Bud Web sites that call for a boycott against the American beer company.

Even the German beer companies are ganging up on Bud. The German courts ruled that Bud sounded too much like the German beer "Bit." So the two companies agreed that Bud would keep the sole rights to advertise within the stadiums, but Bit would be allowed 30% of the sales.

Germany may have the right to complain. If the Super Bowl was sponsored solely by the German beer Weissbier Americans would have a problem with that. Also, Germans know beer. They are second in the world in beer consumption to the Czechs.

So, here's my thought. There is nothing the German fans can do about it. And besides, no matter what beer you drink if you drink enough it will have the same desired effect.

So….Today I solute you Mr. Complaining German Football Fan.



June 16, 2006 - Posted by | Advertising, Diverse topics, Media 2.0

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