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My First Ad in Production

This isn’t the greatest and didn’t have the best results, but it’s the first ad I’ve ever had out in the mainstream. It is a simply two sided flier which I handed out in a shirt and tie on a Wednesday and a Thursday in two lunch hot spots. (Dayton- Brown St. & Courthouse Square) The ad is for, you guessed it, Please, let me know what you think.









A WEBSITE should help build your business and make you money. Forget about the yellow pages, Google is where people will seek your business now and in the future. Whether you have a website or not, a local seminar offered by will provide you with tools to create and maintain a functionally impressive website that can get you on the first page of a Google search.

This half day seminar demonstrates how to develop your website in the cheapest way possible for the best results. It provides ways to get to the top of search engine results, increase you visitor count, and build a global community.

The instructor, David Esrati, is the owner of a local ad agency, The Next Wave. He began the seminar after realizing he was spending hours explaining the fundamentals of web search and visibility to each of his clients. The Next Wave incorporated a blog section to its website to handle the news and P.R. It became quickly evident that 70% of their visitors were entering through the blog. Their unique visitor count has risen 600% since and continues to rise. Now he wants to share his success with others.

The next seminar is Saturday May 27th from 9:00 am till 12:30 pm in the Nehemiah University building at 750 S. Main St. Sign up for only $99 at A second seminar will be held at the Dayton Area Board of Realtors Center, 1515 S. Main Street, on Thursday June 22nd where licensed Realtors’ admission is reduced to $79.


More visitors mean more business, or how to stop paying the Yellow PAges so much money.

Customers won’t look farther than page two of Google.

You can even get people searching for your competition to find you first.


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