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Ad Week’s Nielsen Spars With Cable Startup Article

Nielsen Spars With Cable Startup

July 26, 2006
By Steve McClellan

“NEW YORK Nielsen Media Research has declined to do business with a cable network because the startup’s owner, Frank Maggio, has publicly disparaged Nielsen, its management and the reliability of its data, according to the network, ReacTV, which debuts next month.”

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The Next Wave’s Quotes From Alex Bogusky

Quotes From Alex Bogusky
7/22/2006 by David Esrati


Alex Bogusky says…

* To creatives: “This is your company. What are you going to do to make it famous?”
* On approach: What’s really going on here?” If you can step outside your own culture, you can get an angle on what’s going on inside it.”
* “We always say, ‘Have faith in the process, even though you have to go through a period where you’re confused,’”
* “We don’t really believe in advertising”
* Bogusky uses a visual analogy to describe CP B’s methodology. At the center of his schema is the product destined to become famous, and around that are concentric circles that represent different means of marketing and advertising. The outermost circle–the one that takes the most effort to align with the essential brand message–represents traditional advertising. “We push the marketing toward the product,” Bogusky explains. “We spend all our time in the center: the product.”
* “The process is finding the questions first and coming up with answers,” says Bogusky. “After you come up with the questions, that leads you to finding the core [strategies].”
* “With MINI, it’s less about doing an ad and more about making it a part of the culture,” says Bogusky. “If we can come up with a lease that matches the personality of the car, that’s probably better than advertising.”
* Not from Alex, but still interesting: “[CPB] helped us look at all these consumer touchpoints, [and] mass marketing is just one of them,” Martin says. “The agency doesn’t call their work advertising, they call it creative content. They don’t call it media, they call it creative-content distribution.”

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Alex Bogusky is one of the partners in the number one advertising firms, Crispin Porter + Bogusky. CPB has clients such as Burger King, Coke Zero, Miller Lite, truth, and VW. The top commercial of the month is actually Burger King’s Stacker commercial which I have writen about in a prior post.

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Ad Week’s BBH, Axe Win Planning Prize Article

BBH, Axe Win Planning Prize
July 26, 2006
By Noreen O’Leary


“MIAMI Bartle Bogle Hegarty today won the Grand Prix for Axe’s “For Shame!” campaign here at the 2006 Jay Chiat Planning Awards sponsored by the American Association of Advertising Agencies.

BBH account planner Jonathan Bauer and account director Erin Riley were credited with the effort touting the Unilever brand’s “Snake Peel” men’s shower gel.”

Congrats to Bartle Bogle Hegarty. Click here for the full article.

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Advertising Age’s Beer is Back as U.S. Drinkers’ Beverage of Choice Article

Advertising Age – Beer is Back as U.S. Drinkers’ Beverage of Choice

By:Jeremy Mullman
“Last summer, as sales tanked, many of the frothy beverage’s obituaries were sourced to a poll conducted by the Gallup Organization that found beer was no longer the beverage of choice for most Americans, who more frequently drank wine (39%) than beer (36%).

Gallup findings
But, in a reversal, the just-released Gallup poll this year found that beer is again the beverage Americans drink most often, beating wine by a 41% to 33% margin. (Liquor, however, climbed to 23% from 21% last year.)

“We think this is a real sign that things are starting to turn,” said Bob Lachky, VP-global industry development at No. 1 brewer Anheuser-Busch Cos. “This is a reflection that, in terms of real sales, people still look to beer more often.”

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Milwaukee Journal Sentinal Interviewed me About Miller Lite Man Laws Ad Campaign

miller-lite-logo2.JPGI wrote about the Miller Lite Man Laws commercials in a post back in June. Last week I received a phone call from Tom Daykin, a journalist for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Daykin was writing an article about the Miller Lite Men of the Square Table commercials and he came across my website. He wanted to interview me not only because I am going into the field of advertising and have already researched and wrote about Miller Lite’s Man Laws, but because I fall into the target audience for the commercials (21-27 year old males).

The article came out today and before lunch rolled around I received an email from a Miller National Concessions and Military Manager, Mark Neuwirth, in reference to the article. Making connections, such as this, was one of my goals during my internship, but I never thought it would be with anyone outside of Dayton, Ohio. All of this excitement with Miller is starting to wear on my loyalty to Bud Light. The least I can do is buy a case of Miller Lite. We’ll just see what beer I drink from there.

Also my internship boss at The Next Wave, David Esrati, wrote about my little fifteen minutes of fame on the next wave blogging site.

I have resently discovered that the article is also posted News. For this website click here.

The Article:


Miller Lite Man Laws rewrite the book on beer commercials

Posted: July 24, 2006

The world is full of laws: laws of nature (Sir Isaac Newton, apple falling from the tree, etc.), constitutional law (go ahead, burn a flag) and Murphy’s Law (as in: assembling a child’s toy on the night before Christmas).

And now, we have Man Laws.

Those are the pronouncements of the Men of the Square Table, Miller Lite’s panel of 10 famous and not-so-famous men.

Is it time to retire the high-five? Absolutely, the Men declare in one TV commercial – but only after a suitable replacement can be found.

OK to date your best friend’s ex-girlfriend? Only after six months, they say – and only if she’s drop-dead gorgeous.

“People are paying attention to these ads,” said Peter Marino, spokesman for Milwaukee-based Miller Brewing Co., which counts Miller Lite as its most popular brew.

Of course, you’d expect a Miller spokesman to say that. But others are saying it, too.

Trade publication Ad Week’s Web site calls the campaign “slightly more thoughtful” than your run-of-the-mill beer ad. The New York Times says the spots “add threads of thought” to the beer business.

Then there’s blogger Jeff Swartz, a Dayton, Ohio, college student whose age and gender land him squarely in Miller Lite’s targeted demographic.

“The commercials are funny and effective,” said Swartz, 21, who’s pursuing a career in advertising. He posted an item about the campaign on his Web log,, after repeatedly hearing friends quote lines from the TV spots.

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Burger King Stacker Commercial is #1 for the Month

burger-king.jpg According to Advertising Age, IAG Research has listed the Burger King Stacker commercial as the most liked commercial of the last month ( June 19th-July 16th). IAG produces a top ten commercials of the month list which can be viewed here.
The ad I speak of is the one where little construction guys are building BK Stackers. The worker in charge has a big piece of meat fall on him as another worked says, “boss…the meat!”

I’ve found the commercial to be entertaining…nothing absolutely brilliant, but I have eaten a BK Stacker since I’ve seen it. But it is my kind of burger…I would have gotten it even if the commercial was a flop.

As I was researching the ad I found a 3 minute and 30 second behind the scenes film of the making of the BK Stacker commercial. To watch this click here.

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Ad Week’s NBC, Toyota Make Deal Article

NBC, Toyota Make Deal
July 21, 2006
By John Consoli/Mediaweek

nbc-marble.jpgNEW YORK Toyota said today it has reached an agreement with NBC under which the broadcast network will guarantee a specific level of viewer engagement for its television programs.

NBC becomes the first broadcast network to offer advertisers guarantees based on engagement. Court TV has done some deals on the cable side based on viewer-engagement guarantees.

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Amazing Optical Illusion

cool_optical_illusion.jpgThis is very off topic, but I found it so amusing that I had to write about it.  This is by far the coolest optical illusion I have ever seen.  When you are told to look away I have found that it is best to look at a post or calender.  Just try it and it’ll make you go “wow.” Click here to see it.

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Zidane Head Butt Game and Funny Videos of Different Countries’ View of the Hit

zidane_headbutt.jpgThis game is more funny than fun.  In fact the only reason I’m writing about it is because it is humorous. 

The point of the game is to move Zidane around using you’re mouse and head butt as many Marco Materazzis as you can using the mouse button.  To play click here.

The funny videos of different countries’ views on the head butt can be found here.  They have a German, French, Italian, American, and the press’s view on the hit.  Pretty funny.

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VW Rabbit Commercial

s  Volkswagen has brought back the small and affordable Rabbit.  This was most likely brought back due to the high gas prices and the push for smaller more fuel efficient automobiles.

The commercial I am talking about took me a few seconds to understand the creativity in it.  I am talking about the Rabbit commercial were the car are acting like actual rabbits (chased by dogs, jumping in the air, going in tunnels, and matting like crazy).  I thought it was creative, and enjoyed the part with the multi colored car which represents a spotted rabbit.  Very creative.  Give it a look by clicking here.


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