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VW Rabbit Commercial

s  Volkswagen has brought back the small and affordable Rabbit.  This was most likely brought back due to the high gas prices and the push for smaller more fuel efficient automobiles.

The commercial I am talking about took me a few seconds to understand the creativity in it.  I am talking about the Rabbit commercial were the car are acting like actual rabbits (chased by dogs, jumping in the air, going in tunnels, and matting like crazy).  I thought it was creative, and enjoyed the part with the multi colored car which represents a spotted rabbit.  Very creative.  Give it a look by clicking here.



July 18, 2006 - Posted by | Advertising, Media 2.0, Television

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  1. Actually, they didn’t bring back anything. The car is still the Golf, just as before. VW has recently realized that their sales figures are slipping, partly due to their loss of a “cute” image (as the previous Fearless Leader tried to move VW more into the Audi division’s price range).

    “Rabbit” was the original name for the Golf for the North American market. Later, the Rabbit name was dropped in favor of bringing the model inline with the rest of the world. Similarly, the Bora was renamed Jetta in the rest of the world, except China. VW is now reversing this trend, especially needed since Americans tend to hate hatchbacks (the Jetta is the best-selling European car in North America; the Golf has been an also-ran, at best).

    The commercial is just another one of VW’s “the commercial might be more interesting than the car” ideas. It’s the one thing they can always get right.

    Comment by Scott | July 20, 2006 | Reply

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