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The Next Wave’s Quotes From Alex Bogusky

Quotes From Alex Bogusky
7/22/2006 by David Esrati


Alex Bogusky says…

* To creatives: “This is your company. What are you going to do to make it famous?”
* On approach: What’s really going on here?” If you can step outside your own culture, you can get an angle on what’s going on inside it.”
* “We always say, ‘Have faith in the process, even though you have to go through a period where you’re confused,’”
* “We don’t really believe in advertising”
* Bogusky uses a visual analogy to describe CP B’s methodology. At the center of his schema is the product destined to become famous, and around that are concentric circles that represent different means of marketing and advertising. The outermost circle–the one that takes the most effort to align with the essential brand message–represents traditional advertising. “We push the marketing toward the product,” Bogusky explains. “We spend all our time in the center: the product.”
* “The process is finding the questions first and coming up with answers,” says Bogusky. “After you come up with the questions, that leads you to finding the core [strategies].”
* “With MINI, it’s less about doing an ad and more about making it a part of the culture,” says Bogusky. “If we can come up with a lease that matches the personality of the car, that’s probably better than advertising.”
* Not from Alex, but still interesting: “[CPB] helped us look at all these consumer touchpoints, [and] mass marketing is just one of them,” Martin says. “The agency doesn’t call their work advertising, they call it creative content. They don’t call it media, they call it creative-content distribution.”

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Alex Bogusky is one of the partners in the number one advertising firms, Crispin Porter + Bogusky. CPB has clients such as Burger King, Coke Zero, Miller Lite, truth, and VW. The top commercial of the month is actually Burger King’s Stacker commercial which I have writen about in a prior post.


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