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Foster’s Gets a New Image

foster's beer logo( “– Foster’s, which has long been “Australian for Beer,” is junking that tagline as part of of a brand makeover and using Corona and Heineken brand positioning as its marketing template. It will now be the “Crack Open a Friendly” beer with an ad campaign that abandons TV and focuses on the Internet. …”

The “Australian for Beer” campaign simply was not working for Foster’s.   They are taking a great leap of faith in molding their image into a Corona/ Heineken style of marketing.  What puzzles/interests me is the grouping of Corona and Heineken.  Their images are completely different with Corona being a beach laid-back beer and Heineken being a more upper class social occasion beer.  The only thing Corona and Heineken have in common is high quality.  It will be interesting to see how Foster’s markets themselves, but it is clear that they want to be a higher class beer.


August 23, 2006 - Posted by | Advertising, Media 2.0

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