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There are many popular blogs which are managed through  I can see asking to advertise on their customer’s websites through click throughs, banners, buttons, etc…  This could also lead to other companies offering blog owners a pay-per-click on their sites if developed an “Add Advertising” feature.  Also, this would be an easy way to make a few bucks.


September 26, 2006 Posted by | Advertising, Internet, Media 2.0 | Leave a comment Makes a Noise is a free music download provider to college students.  It cost money to convert into an MP3, but will cost anyone with a .edu email address nothing to have on their computer.  For those of us not in college, can charge a fee for thier services.  This is a must see for any college student.

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Dark Chocolate Sales Sky Rocket

According to Advertising Age, dark chocolate sales have soared 40%. Some of you might be thinking of Hersy’s dark chocolate commercials with multiple testimonials about how they love the chocolaty treat.

Advertising Age’s Dark Chocolate Sales Soar 40% Article:

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