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Anheuser-Busch Commercial Touches American Hearts

woman solder in budweiser anheuser-busch commercial

I know I talk about beer advertisements a lot, but most of the subjects I’ve touched on have been comical.  Anheuser-Busch released this commercial months ago, but I have only just came across it online.  It plays on American’s emotions in reference to the War in Iraq.  Personal this ad stops me in my tracks and hits home hard.  I am honestly impressed.



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Burger King Goes Mobile

burger-king.jpg Now you can get all your Burger King information on your cellular phone. The BK has developed a website which can locate its restaurants utilizing zip codes and maps, nutritional information and promotional downloads. The agency which developed this project is Kansas City, MO based VML. The new Burger King site can be found at

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Becks hits Ground Zero

For the sum of $40 million, Ground Zero will be handling the creative duties of the Beck’s beer brand.

Ad Week’s Andrew McMains wrote wrote about it an article found here.

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Boobs for Bowling

bowlmor lanes boobs adUp scale bowling lanes, Bowlmor Lanes, has released this comical print ad. It contains two entertaining elements for man men: bowling and breasts. The ad caught my attention and now I would not mind smacking a few pins around.

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Man Law’s 2nd Wave of Ads

miller-lite-logo2.JPGWith a few new faces such as De La Hoya (pro boxer) and Carey Hart (pro motocrosser) the men of the square table are dishing out a new batch of man laws. The new commercials, along with the old ones, can still be found on the Miller Lite Man law website. The site has noticeably grown since I first posted about the advertising campaign and is still well worth a look.

Of the new man laws my personal favorite is the commercial about tapping the top of a bottle to make it over flow. My least favorite is the one about fruit in beer. I see most fruited beers as girlie except for Corona and therefore I and deterred from that commercial.

Although this batch of commercials do not have the fresh factor they are still entertaining and effective. Many people I have talked to within the target market were happy to see more of the Man Law commercials.

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