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Man Law’s 2nd Wave of Ads

miller-lite-logo2.JPGWith a few new faces such as De La Hoya (pro boxer) and Carey Hart (pro motocrosser) the men of the square table are dishing out a new batch of man laws. The new commercials, along with the old ones, can still be found on the Miller Lite Man law website. The site has noticeably grown since I first posted about the advertising campaign and is still well worth a look.

Of the new man laws my personal favorite is the commercial about tapping the top of a bottle to make it over flow. My least favorite is the one about fruit in beer. I see most fruited beers as girlie except for Corona and therefore I and deterred from that commercial.

Although this batch of commercials do not have the fresh factor they are still entertaining and effective. Many people I have talked to within the target market were happy to see more of the Man Law commercials.


November 2, 2006 - Posted by | Advertising, Internet, Media 2.0, Television

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