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Directing Consumer’s to Business with Style in Southern Cali


Aarrow Advertising is a San Diego, California based advertising agency which has discovered a way to amp up street corner advertising. Imagine a mix between a billboard, break-dancer, and juggler and you have Aarrow Advertising’s “Spinners.” Spinners are young, athletic individuals who grab consumer’s attention utilizing throws, spins, jumps, bends, and other tricks and moves.

Spinners are paid $10 an hour or more. These talented individuals have developed a variety of moves. An example is the “Blender” where the spinner twirls the advertisement behind his/her back. The more technical and entertaining the trick the more attention the Spinners receive. Employing about 400 individuals across Southern California may seem difficult to manage, but all Arrow Advertising Spinners are required to attend a monthly three plus hour boot camp where their skills and physical shape are measured.

Agencies are always looking for fresh ways to get consumers’ attention and Aarrow Advertising has found such a medium.


May 22, 2007 - Posted by | Advertising, Diverse topics, Media 2.0, Outdoor

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