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Dayton Ballet Newsletter

ballet girlThis is a cover page and inside page of a news letter for Dayton Ballet. The project was placed upon me in a layout design class, and the information and images were provide.

To view my work click here: Dayton Ballet Newsletter


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Define Advertising

megaphone.jpgThe definition of advertising according to Wikipedia and many text books is:

Advertising is paid, one-way communication through a medium in which the sponsor is identified and the message is controlled. Variations include publicity, public relations, product placement, sponsorship, underwriting, and sales promotion. Every major medium is used to deliver these messages, including: television, radio, movies, magazines, newspapers, the Internet, and billboards.”

(For Full Wikipedia Article Click Here.)

This is a very clean and clear description of an incredibly versatile verb. With society becoming more and more immune to “normal” advertising, agencies and marketing departments have been in search of new means to successfully persuade consumers. I have written about a variety of theses interesting new means on (Examples: Arrow Advertising’s Sign Spinners, Vertical Soccer Billboard, and BK’s Simpsonize Yourself)

The Wikipedia definition list advertising variations and major mediums of delivery, but does not include some of the new innovative variations and mediums. With this said, I would like to invite you, my reader, to provide me with your own definition of advertising. Please, use the comment area bellow or feel free to email me your definition to with the subject title “Ad Definition.”

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Study Abroad Brochure

Every summer the University of Dayton‘s Communication Department hosts a study abroad program in London, England or Rome, Italy. In my last semester of college I attended a layout design class were I was instructed to create a brochure for the London program using the few images and information provided.

To view my work click here: Study Abroad Brochure

For more information about University of Dayton‘s study abroad programs visit the University of Dayton Center of International Programs.

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Disney Movies Teach Copyright Laws

micky.gifWhile reading The Next Wave’s blog I found a wonderful video that utilizes Disney movies to education on the subject of copyright laws. It’s a bit long and choppy in points, but if you understand copyright laws this will give you a chuckle and if you don’t understand copyright laws this will put it into perspective a bit.

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i-CAUGHT: The ABC’s YouTube

bill weir i-caughtYou film it, you upload it, we get the credit….it’s pure genius.  The concept of “working smarter not harder” has hit ABC with its launch of i-CAUGHT.

I-CAUGHT is a similar website to, but is spun off as news.  The function of the site is to gather video footage that everyday people capture and place it in one convenient location for the mass market’s viewing pleasure.

For those of you who believe that the media is missing some big stories…. this is you chance to possibly get it on a credible news station.  For those of you who want your fifteen minutes of fame….shoot your film and get your fame.  And for those of you who enjoy being entertained and learning new things….i-CAUGHT should be very captivating for you.

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Simpsonize Yourself

homer simpsonIn anticipation for the long await The Simpsons Movie, Burger King has launched an interactive website where you can upload a photograph of yourself to have it “Simpsonized.”  In other words, after you upload your image, the website will reproduce your likeness as a cartoon character from The Simpsons television show.

For more information click here to go to a news release form Burger King, or to get Simpsonized click here!


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Miller Chill is Heating Up

bottle of miller chill Miller Brewing Company‘s newest beverage, Miller Chill, is sweeping the nation. It already has been a hit in parts of the Sun Belt where it was distributed for testing, and, now that it has gone national, it is really grabbing people by the taste buds.

This alcoholic delight is brewed with real lime and salt to give it a Chelada style kick. I like to think of it as a Corona without the work of adding a lime wedge. Just pop the top and enjoy. (responsibly of course) Continue reading

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Liberty Mutual Responsibility Commercial

liberty mutual logo

A lot of television ads are remembered for being funny (Example: Jack Link’s Messing with Sasquatch), setting trends (Example: Budwiser’s “What’s Up”), or sexual content (Example: Miller Lite’s Great Taste/Less Filling Cat Fight). However, every so often a commercial comes along with a benevolent message that has just as much attention grasping power.

Liberty Mutual has developed a new television campaign which shows individuals witnessing others going out of their way to help a complete stranger. In turn, the witness does a compassionate act for another stranger and the chain reaction continues. This is the kind of ad that makes one simply stop what they are doing for a moment and feel a chill. Liberty Mutual caps the ad off with a voice over saying, ” When it’s people who do the right thing they call it being responsible….when it’s an insurance company they call it Liberty Mutual.”

Here is one of the commercials:

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I was just thinking that I haven’t mentioned an enjoyable television spot in a while.  Conveniently enough, I recently came across the “Survive the Work Day” commercials for  These commercials remind me of an all human Planet of the Apes and accurately depicts how some people feel while at work.  Entertaining, effective, and worth a look. site

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Find The Location That Suits You Best

norfolk, va skylineI am looking for a job and open to relocation, but I didn’t know what cities suit me best.  So, I did a Google search and found  This website will give you a fairly quick survey with a variety of questions and then provides you with your most compatible cities.  It is pretty interesting even if you aren’t planning on moving, but, if you are looking to move, the website may suggest a city that does suit you, but you never considered before.

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