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iPhone General Consensus….It’s Nice

three iphonesAfter shifting through multiple reviews about the iPhone I have determined that it is very difficult to find a negative review. The only frustration people seem to have with this $600, gadget of the moment is that they don’t have their own yet. None more than Comedy Central‘s Steven Colbert, who had to review an imaginary iPhone because Apple has not provided him with one. That clip can be found here.

I did, however, come across a review on which provides a quick review, the pros, and the cons.


It’s the best portable media player ever. It’s possibly the most fun we’ve ever had with a handheld device. It browses the Web like a champ. Yet as a voice phone and a messaging device, it’s a loser. The iPhone is full of contradictions.

Fun new interface for navigating multimedia. Huge screen looks amazing. Terrific Web browser. Syncs well with PCs and Macs. YouTube function is great. Functions flow seamlessly into each other. Built-in speaker for voice calling and music.

Poor business e-mail and PIM connectivity. Bad audio quality on phone calls. Tons of “GSM buzz” on nearby speakers. Virtual keyboard hard to type on. No phone functionality with iPod speaker docks. No FM radio.


July 3, 2007 - Posted by | Diverse topics, Media 2.0, Television

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