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Define Advertising

megaphone.jpgThe definition of advertising according to Wikipedia and many text books is:

Advertising is paid, one-way communication through a medium in which the sponsor is identified and the message is controlled. Variations include publicity, public relations, product placement, sponsorship, underwriting, and sales promotion. Every major medium is used to deliver these messages, including: television, radio, movies, magazines, newspapers, the Internet, and billboards.”

(For Full Wikipedia Article Click Here.)

This is a very clean and clear description of an incredibly versatile verb. With society becoming more and more immune to “normal” advertising, agencies and marketing departments have been in search of new means to successfully persuade consumers. I have written about a variety of theses interesting new means on (Examples: Arrow Advertising’s Sign Spinners, Vertical Soccer Billboard, and BK’s Simpsonize Yourself)

The Wikipedia definition list advertising variations and major mediums of delivery, but does not include some of the new innovative variations and mediums. With this said, I would like to invite you, my reader, to provide me with your own definition of advertising. Please, use the comment area bellow or feel free to email me your definition to with the subject title “Ad Definition.”


July 30, 2007 - Posted by | Advertising, Media 2.0

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