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Smirnoff: Tea Partay Commercial/Music Video

This commercial premiered briefly over a year ago and promoted Smirnoff‘s alcoholic beverage, Raw Tea.  However, I found that it did create a fair about of buzz with 21-26 year-olds, which appears to be Smirnoff‘s target market for this advertisement.  Along with the television campaign, Smirnoff launched a website called

The production of the video is very clean and the outcome is high appealing and comical.  It is even more enjoyable if you live in or know someone from New England who dresses similar to the individuals in the video.


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Bic Billboard: Gardner Required

Bic developed this creative outdoor advertisement for their razors.  The billboard is blank except for a small logo, but without it the advertisement might be missed and it acts as a good backdrop for the giant razor and cut grass.  The only draw back is the constant trimming of the lawn.

bic razor billboard

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Mini Billboard Uses Nature to Sell

mini car billboard

It is enjoyable to see an advertisement creatively utilize its environment. Mini Cooper uses two curved palm trees in one of their billboards (shown above) to give their car an illusion of speed and power. The billboard is quite creative and attention grabbing while still remains simple so not to divert drivers’ attention from the road for an extended period of time.

Outdoor advertisements which divert motorists’ attention for too long are dangerous and not always more effective. The billboard bellow touches on this issue while being simple, sexy, and comical.

eyes on road billboard

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Variety of Funny Commercials

nbc-marble.jpg  I found a short video on of NBC‘s Outrageously Funny Commercials.  It is just a small portion of the show with a few funny commercials shown back-to-back.  I always enjoy seeing other countries’ commercials.  This will defidently make you laugh.

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