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HP Helps Restore Katrina Victims’ Photographs

hp scanning photosTo me, if you can promote your product or service while helping others in need then you have a good promotion. I believe that even if the campaign doesn’t sell more widgets and thing-a-ma-bobs, you had a successful day because of you humanity. Of course it is always nice to turn a profit.

A fantastic story of a successful and benevolent promotion was Hewlett-Packard‘s photo restoration program in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. HP teamed up with ABC‘s hit show Extreme Makeover Home Edition and helped Katrina victims restore their photographs which were damaged during the hurricane. HP scanned the water damaged photos and sent them to their employees all over the world to be restored as best they could. For a full article, please, click here.


hp kartina pic two girls before


hp kartina pic two girls after


December 18, 2007 - Posted by | Diverse topics, Promotions

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  1. Jeff
    Tripped across this today – I’m the guy in the chair! (Bob Gann, the HP team leader, is in the background). As you mention, a small team worked in hostile conditions (literally a wreaked building with improvised power, no heating etc) and uploaded scanned photos to be restored by HP employees on their own time worldwide over 48 hours, then downloaded for printing back on site. Only a few photos were featured on the show, but hundreds were restored.
    The Katrina Photo Restoration Project was one of the most memorable I worked on while at HP – It was pure Bill & Dave (founders) style service to the community, while showing off the power of HP technology and the incredible hidden talent of HP volunteers worldwide – Using the”cloud” before the term was fashionable.

    All the Best

    Comment by Rod Hardman | November 27, 2009 | Reply

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