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Pepsi All Star Soccer Player Vs. S.U.M.Os

Here’s a funny commercial that pits a team of soccer super stars against a team of large S.U.M.O. wrestlers.  The start of the commercial showcases the all star’s foot-work, but the S.U.M.O. wrestlers diffidently steal the show through comedy.  It’s a Pepsi commercial, so no big surprise as to what they are playing for…


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March ’08 ? of the Month

QuestionMark.jpg It is common knowledge that America tends to censer and restrict advertising content in comparison to countries overseas.  This includes language, sexual content, imagery, etc… 

Does this freedom proved an edge to non-American agencies by allowing them more freedoms when developing a campaign?  Or do American agencies benefit from receiving extra attention when they push “the line” in an ad because the restrictions are more prominent?

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