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Yahoo Answers

Yahoo! Answers

All of us have had questions in which we have turned to the internet for answers.  Yahoo Answers is a massive forum which is open to the internet public and covers just about any question that can pop into your mind. 

For example, say you have a question about Avid video editing system, or how to bake wheat bread, or the name of an actor/actress you saw on television; simply post your question to the online world and wait for a response.  Or if you are a video editor, baker, or movie critic you can voice a response to the question. 

The site is driven by the public, so it is similar to Wikipedia in that sense, but it has a much more informal atmosphere about it.  And it is for this fact that I warn you that any answers you draw from Yahoo Answers is not necessarily a fact and is more than likely not accredited.



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June 08: Question of the Month

   As I am sure you know, the increase in gas prices has noticeably affected the automotive industry, travel industry, and the overall American economy.  Truck and SUV sales are plummeting and fuel efficient cars are increasing in popularity.  Thousands of families who normal go on vacation for the long Memorial Day weekend stayed home this year due to the high gas prices and increased airfares.

I have two hypothetical questions for you:

1.) As a marketer for an automotive company, how would you promote trucks and SUVs in order to prevent diminishing sales?

2.) As a marketer for a travel/airfare guide company (such as Travelocity), how would you promote your business to entice people to go on vacations?


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