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June 08: Question of the Month

   As I am sure you know, the increase in gas prices has noticeably affected the automotive industry, travel industry, and the overall American economy.  Truck and SUV sales are plummeting and fuel efficient cars are increasing in popularity.  Thousands of families who normal go on vacation for the long Memorial Day weekend stayed home this year due to the high gas prices and increased airfares.

I have two hypothetical questions for you:

1.) As a marketer for an automotive company, how would you promote trucks and SUVs in order to prevent diminishing sales?

2.) As a marketer for a travel/airfare guide company (such as Travelocity), how would you promote your business to entice people to go on vacations?



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Improv Everywhere: Comical Entertainment Providing Good PR

Improv Everywhere is a fantastically hilarious phenomenon that it grabbing people’s attention everywhere. This New York City based organization develops odd situations for its member, otherwise know as agents, to perform at a specific location and time. They have organized impromptu situations at Startbuck, Abercrombie and Fitch, NYC subway system, convinced pedestrians that U2 was performing on rooftop, and more. Some of the events only have a handful of agents participating while others incorporate hundreds of people.

The interesting marketing aspect of this phenomenon is the PR the targeted stores receive from having an Improv Everywhere event at their location. Yes, it can be uncomfortable and confusing for their employees and customers, but it will ensure that video of the event, and in turn the company’s brand, will be streamed over the internet and viewed by thousands of people.

If nothing else, the Improv Everywhere group provides wonderful entertainment in a creative, off beat form.

Improv Everywhere’s Best Buy Event

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HP Helps Restore Katrina Victims’ Photographs

hp scanning photosTo me, if you can promote your product or service while helping others in need then you have a good promotion. I believe that even if the campaign doesn’t sell more widgets and thing-a-ma-bobs, you had a successful day because of you humanity. Of course it is always nice to turn a profit.

A fantastic story of a successful and benevolent promotion was Hewlett-Packard‘s photo restoration program in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. HP teamed up with ABC‘s hit show Extreme Makeover Home Edition and helped Katrina victims restore their photographs which were damaged during the hurricane. HP scanned the water damaged photos and sent them to their employees all over the world to be restored as best they could. For a full article, please, click here. Continue reading

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Almost 20 Years of “Are You Ready For Some Football!”

Mr. Hank Williams Jr. has been apart of the NFL longer than today’s players. Williams has been asking “Are you ready for some football?” on Monday Night Football with a new, sometimes odd, music video since 1989. The song derived from one of Williams’ original songs called “All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight.”

I will be interested in seeing his new video when Baltimore takes on Cincinnati this season. The video is said to have music sensations such as: Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi, country singer Gretchen Wilson, the Brian Setzer Orchestra, actor/singer/guitar Drake Bell, John Ondrasik of Five for Fighting, drummer Cindy Blackman, and, returning from last year’s band, bassist Bassist Bootsy Collins. For more information about Williams’ roll in the NFL please look at this USA Today article.

Hank Williams Jr’s Monday Night Football with convertible and Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders

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Disney Movies Teach Copyright Laws

micky.gifWhile reading The Next Wave’s blog I found a wonderful video that utilizes Disney movies to education on the subject of copyright laws. It’s a bit long and choppy in points, but if you understand copyright laws this will give you a chuckle and if you don’t understand copyright laws this will put it into perspective a bit.

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Miller Chill is Heating Up

bottle of miller chill Miller Brewing Company‘s newest beverage, Miller Chill, is sweeping the nation. It already has been a hit in parts of the Sun Belt where it was distributed for testing, and, now that it has gone national, it is really grabbing people by the taste buds.

This alcoholic delight is brewed with real lime and salt to give it a Chelada style kick. I like to think of it as a Corona without the work of adding a lime wedge. Just pop the top and enjoy. (responsibly of course) Continue reading

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iPhone General Consensus….It’s Nice

three iphonesAfter shifting through multiple reviews about the iPhone I have determined that it is very difficult to find a negative review. The only frustration people seem to have with this $600, gadget of the moment is that they don’t have their own yet. None more than Comedy Central‘s Steven Colbert, who had to review an imaginary iPhone because Apple has not provided him with one. That clip can be found here.

I did, however, come across a review on which provides a quick review, the pros, and the cons. Continue reading

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Top 50 PR Agencies to Work For According to Holmes Report

megaphone.jpgListed with detail on this post are the 10 PR agencies to work for according to Holmes Report as found on their website. For the full top 50 agencies click HERE Continue reading

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Tribute to Our Troops…pretty amazing

soldier coming homeI just got done watching this amazing video put together by 15 year-old Lizzie Palmer. It is a touching tribute to our troops overseas and a great reminder to give them the respect, support, and honor they deserve.

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Top 10 and Bottom 10 U.S. Metro Areas

Cities Ranked & Rated” is a book that ranks 373 U.S. metro areas. Here are lists of the top 10 and bottom 10 metro areas as of May 2007. Continue reading

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