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Watch Your Home TV Anywhere in the World

slingbox image This amazing piece of technology allows you to watch your home television on your laptop and/or cell phone no matter where you are in the world.  It’s called Slingbox, and the way it works is that it connects your cell phone or laptop to your home television, DVR, cable box, etc… through the internet.  This allows the traveling individual to watch his/her favorite show, local news, sports team, or movie right on his/her laptop or cell phone even if they are in Poland and live in Utah.

Slingbox also allows individuals to pause, rewind, fast-forward, stop, record, and anything else you would be able to do in the comfort of your own home.  Their website is quite user friendly and has a fantastic explanatory video at the start of its home page.  Please visit it here


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Send Out Cards Uses Technology To Add A Personal Touch to Relationship Marketing

send out cards image

Communicating through technology is normal cold and impersonal, but a Utah based company had found a way to utilize the speed and ease of technology while remaining personable and maintaining/increasing positive business relationships.  Send Out Cards allows individuals and/or businesses of all sizes to quickly create personal cards over the internet which are printed and delivered through the postal service to your contact within a few days. 

The website is incredibly easy to navigate and there are numorous options provide for you.  Just to list a few; you can send a pre-designed post card, create your own card, use your own photographs, include gifts and gift cards, send one card or 100 cards at once, remember important days, and more.  This is fantastic for companies who believe that maintaining relationships is a vital part of running a successful business.

 You can, also, use Send Out Cards for your personal life and send cards and gifts to friends and family members.  For example, you can send a holiday card, brief post card to keep in touch, or a box of chocolates with a gift card for a birthday.  Send Out Cards has brought back the personal touch to a technology driven world.

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Boost Mobile Gets on Board with Cellfire

Promo magazine article….oct 26 2007:Boost Adds Mobile Coupons from Cellfire

Mobile coupon platform Cellfire has struck a deal with wireless carrier Boost Mobile to put coupons and discounts onto the handsets used by Boost’s U.S. customer base of 4.5 million predominantly young users.

Boost customers will be able to get the paperless offers on their mobile phones either via software downloaded to their phones or by accessing the Internet through Boost’s mobile home page and then going to the Cellfire Coupons site.“Targeted services that meet the specific lifestyle wants and needs of our customers at an affordable price have contributed to our industry-leading growth,” said Courtney Bunn, senior product marketing manager for Boost Mobile in a statement. “Easy access to free mobile coupons from Cellfire provides our customers with additional opportunities to save.” Continue reading

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Cellfire in The San Diego Source

Cellfire, a leader in mobile marketing, was recently featured by the Associated Press in the San Diego Source. The video is a good means of understanding what Cellfire actually does, and how it can help you as a consumer, business owner, or environmentalist.

Please click on the link bellow to view video:

cellfire logo

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Smirnoff: Tea Partay Commercial/Music Video

This commercial premiered briefly over a year ago and promoted Smirnoff‘s alcoholic beverage, Raw Tea.  However, I found that it did create a fair about of buzz with 21-26 year-olds, which appears to be Smirnoff‘s target market for this advertisement.  Along with the television campaign, Smirnoff launched a website called

The production of the video is very clean and the outcome is high appealing and comical.  It is even more enjoyable if you live in or know someone from New England who dresses similar to the individuals in the video.

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Variety of Funny Commercials

nbc-marble.jpg  I found a short video on of NBC‘s Outrageously Funny Commercials.  It is just a small portion of the show with a few funny commercials shown back-to-back.  I always enjoy seeing other countries’ commercials.  This will defidently make you laugh.

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Disney Movies Teach Copyright Laws

micky.gifWhile reading The Next Wave’s blog I found a wonderful video that utilizes Disney movies to education on the subject of copyright laws. It’s a bit long and choppy in points, but if you understand copyright laws this will give you a chuckle and if you don’t understand copyright laws this will put it into perspective a bit.

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i-CAUGHT: The ABC’s YouTube

bill weir i-caughtYou film it, you upload it, we get the credit….it’s pure genius.  The concept of “working smarter not harder” has hit ABC with its launch of i-CAUGHT.

I-CAUGHT is a similar website to, but is spun off as news.  The function of the site is to gather video footage that everyday people capture and place it in one convenient location for the mass market’s viewing pleasure.

For those of you who believe that the media is missing some big stories…. this is you chance to possibly get it on a credible news station.  For those of you who want your fifteen minutes of fame….shoot your film and get your fame.  And for those of you who enjoy being entertained and learning new things….i-CAUGHT should be very captivating for you.

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Simpsonize Yourself

homer simpsonIn anticipation for the long await The Simpsons Movie, Burger King has launched an interactive website where you can upload a photograph of yourself to have it “Simpsonized.”  In other words, after you upload your image, the website will reproduce your likeness as a cartoon character from The Simpsons television show.

For more information click here to go to a news release form Burger King, or to get Simpsonized click here!


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Find The Location That Suits You Best

norfolk, va skylineI am looking for a job and open to relocation, but I didn’t know what cities suit me best.  So, I did a Google search and found  This website will give you a fairly quick survey with a variety of questions and then provides you with your most compatible cities.  It is pretty interesting even if you aren’t planning on moving, but, if you are looking to move, the website may suggest a city that does suit you, but you never considered before.

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