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Outdoor Advetising is Easy as Changing a Lightbulb

Well, maybe not quite that easy, but outdoor projector advertising is a simple and interesting means of gaining consumer attention. Just like fireworks, the movement of colorful lights illuminating the darkness of the night will attract peoples attention and the technology allows for artistic creativity which can be rotated with the push of a button. The ease of rotating creative with projector advertising is a superior benefit over traditional outdoor advertising such as billboards, signs, banners, etc... which normally don't rotate creative easily, but do maintain great frequency with long shelf life.

Kinetic Lighting, Inc in Los Angeles maintains an impressive outdoor projector advertising portfolio including the Nationwide promotion below. Visit their website for other examples and information.

nationwide outdoor projector onenationwide projector outdoor advertising two


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Improv Everywhere: Comical Entertainment Providing Good PR

Improv Everywhere is a fantastically hilarious phenomenon that it grabbing people’s attention everywhere. This New York City based organization develops odd situations for its member, otherwise know as agents, to perform at a specific location and time. They have organized impromptu situations at Startbuck, Abercrombie and Fitch, NYC subway system, convinced pedestrians that U2 was performing on rooftop, and more. Some of the events only have a handful of agents participating while others incorporate hundreds of people.

The interesting marketing aspect of this phenomenon is the PR the targeted stores receive from having an Improv Everywhere event at their location. Yes, it can be uncomfortable and confusing for their employees and customers, but it will ensure that video of the event, and in turn the company’s brand, will be streamed over the internet and viewed by thousands of people.

If nothing else, the Improv Everywhere group provides wonderful entertainment in a creative, off beat form.

Improv Everywhere’s Best Buy Event

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The Swiss Make Crop Circles Not Aliens

Swiss Air artistically designed this land scape to promote their website… (the website, however, has appeared to have moved to now) Not only is this agricultural advertisement creative, but it hits its target market perfectly. For lack of better words, the crop circle can only be viewed in its entirety from the air, and, because Swiss Air is an airline, individuals flighting are their target market.

Also, due to the originality of the ad, viral marketing comes into play, and swartzonmedia is a prime example of this.

swiss air crop circle promotion ad

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Guerilla Marketing is More Than Just Monkeying Around

guerilla gorilla advertising It’s not a marketing firm run by rebel fighter or apes producing commercials (for those of your who don’t know the difference between Guerilla and Gorilla). It’s a fairly new and innovative medium of marketing.‘s Definition:

    “Coined by Jay Conrad Levinson, guerilla marketing is more about matching wits than matching budgets. Guerilla marketing can be as different from traditional marketing as guerilla warfare is from traditional warfare. Rather than marching their marketing dollars forth like infantry divisions, guerilla marketers snipe away with their marketing resources for maximum impact.”

As long as you stay within the legal boundaries it can be a very creative, fun, and inexpensive means of advertising.  Also, for more information on Guerilla Marketing and Mr. Levinson, please, visit his official Guerilla Marketing website.

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Cellfire in The San Diego Source

Cellfire, a leader in mobile marketing, was recently featured by the Associated Press in the San Diego Source. The video is a good means of understanding what Cellfire actually does, and how it can help you as a consumer, business owner, or environmentalist.

Please click on the link bellow to view video:

cellfire logo

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Bic Billboard: Gardner Required

Bic developed this creative outdoor advertisement for their razors.  The billboard is blank except for a small logo, but without it the advertisement might be missed and it acts as a good backdrop for the giant razor and cut grass.  The only draw back is the constant trimming of the lawn.

bic razor billboard

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Mini Billboard Uses Nature to Sell

mini car billboard

It is enjoyable to see an advertisement creatively utilize its environment. Mini Cooper uses two curved palm trees in one of their billboards (shown above) to give their car an illusion of speed and power. The billboard is quite creative and attention grabbing while still remains simple so not to divert drivers’ attention from the road for an extended period of time.

Outdoor advertisements which divert motorists’ attention for too long are dangerous and not always more effective. The billboard bellow touches on this issue while being simple, sexy, and comical.

eyes on road billboard

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Vertical Soccer to Get Billboard Attention

japanese soccer girl photo of vertical soccer japanese soccer girl

Adidas suspended two individuals 10 stories above the ground in Japan to play a game of soccer. Adidas is effectively utilizing Japan’s recent infatuation in the sport with this outdoor ad. This marketing stunt was so successful at grabbing people’s attention that it made national news in half a world away in America. Click here for video footage.

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Directing Consumer’s to Business with Style in Southern Cali


Aarrow Advertising is a San Diego, California based advertising agency which has discovered a way to amp up street corner advertising. Imagine a mix between a billboard, break-dancer, and juggler and you have Aarrow Advertising’s “Spinners.” Spinners are young, athletic individuals who grab consumer’s attention utilizing throws, spins, jumps, bends, and other tricks and moves.

Spinners are paid $10 an hour or more. These talented individuals have developed a variety of moves. An example is the “Blender” Continue reading

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Spring Break Equals Big Bucks for Hot Spots

Thousands of college kids get a week off school every March and travel to exotic locations to escape the stress of classes, poor weather, and same old seen. It’s Spring Break! Many companies with products such as beer, soft drinks, the military, shaving cream, etc… hold promotional events, give away free-bees, and put up advertisements in spring break hot spots like Panama City, FL, South Padre Island, TX, Cancun, Mexico, etc…

The cities themselves make a pretty penny off the flood of young adults. For example, according to The New York Times in Panama City, FL alone “the spring break business was worth $220 million to the town annually. “

south padre island, tx coca-cola beach

Spring Break 2007 South Padre Island, Texas

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