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June 08: Question of the Month

   As I am sure you know, the increase in gas prices has noticeably affected the automotive industry, travel industry, and the overall American economy.  Truck and SUV sales are plummeting and fuel efficient cars are increasing in popularity.  Thousands of families who normal go on vacation for the long Memorial Day weekend stayed home this year due to the high gas prices and increased airfares.

I have two hypothetical questions for you:

1.) As a marketer for an automotive company, how would you promote trucks and SUVs in order to prevent diminishing sales?

2.) As a marketer for a travel/airfare guide company (such as Travelocity), how would you promote your business to entice people to go on vacations?



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March ’08 ? of the Month

QuestionMark.jpg It is common knowledge that America tends to censer and restrict advertising content in comparison to countries overseas.  This includes language, sexual content, imagery, etc… 

Does this freedom proved an edge to non-American agencies by allowing them more freedoms when developing a campaign?  Or do American agencies benefit from receiving extra attention when they push “the line” in an ad because the restrictions are more prominent?

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January ’08: ? Of The Month

QuestionMark.jpg With TiVo, DVR, and video streaming on the web, advertising on television programs has changed. Commercials are being fast forwarded and the market has become very aware of product placement. There have been a number of tricks, campaigns, and concepts kicked around for this issue. So my question to you is:

“How will marketers utilize television advertising, so it remains a highly effective advertising tool?”

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Question of The Month

QuestionMark.jpg I have decided to try to get a little reader participation for Swartz On Media. At the beginning of each month I will post a relevant question, and ask ya’ll to post a response.
Please feel free to argue each other’s answers as long as you keep it clean.

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