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This Guy Knows Blogs

David Newberger knows just about everything there is to know about blogging. This is a great site to check out if your are interested in new things dealing with blogs and other interesting stuff.


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Thoughts on Media

No better place to talk about the future of media – than on a blog. Blogs allow easy access to world wide markets, instant publishing, search engine notification and 2-way communication with your target markets.

I’ll start adding links and my commentary on the newest freshest ideas in media.

All of my fields of study are Electronic Media Communications, Marketing, Sociology, and Visual Art from the University of Dayton, so I will try to touch on or incorporate aspects of these studies into my blog. Also, I will be interning at The Next Wave: advertising and marketing firm in Dayton, Ohio in the summer of 2007, so this experience will allow me to add to my page.
Hopefully, when it’s time to graduate, this will serve as documentation of my knowledge and understanding of the media for potential new employers.

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