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Size Matters When Interning

This summer I will be interning at The Next Wave: Advertising and Marketing Firm in Dayton, Ohio. It is a small firm with lots of experience and talent backing it…basically just what I was looking for. I believed that in order to get the best and most diverse educational experience in and internship which will enhance my skills in multiple fields a small business would benefit me over a large one. I do not start for about a month and through visiting the company once a week for about two months I came to realize that smaller is better.

It appears I will be working in multiple areas including research, creative development, and finalizing of projects. I understand that this will be an ample amount of work and pressure for me. However, I am excited to take on any challenge knowing that the experience I am receiving will be more valuable to me than a higher paying internship where my most important task was getting everyone’s coffee just how they like it.


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American Idol on Top

American Idol has top ratings if not the top ratings every week. (This is common knowledge.) What has just been decided is that for this season’s final show a 30 second ad spot is running for 1.3 million dollars. Popular shows such as Friends and Seinfeld’s final episode in their final season sold ad space for a little more than American Idol. The rub is that American Idol is not going off the air. This show’s success has been amazing and shows no sign of letting up anytime soon.

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ABC for Free

Disney recently announced that they will be placing certain ABC shows (ex: Lost and Desperate Housewives) for free on the internet. This is great news for viewers. It is like having TiVo without paying for it. There are a few set back for the viewers to this though. First is not everyone has the latest and best computer, so quality will be lower than a television. Also, if others have seen the show before you they could ruin the ending before you get to see it. Lastly, I cannot imagine a bunch of people crowding around a computer, so it seems to be of more of an individual event.

The people taking the biggest blow will be the affiliated stations to Disney/ABC. The network is getting more money from this because they are selling ad space on the internet show which cannot be skipped by the viewer. The stations on the other hand will see falling rating which will lead to less money.

I believe that it is only a matter of time until other networks follow suit.


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Thought for Cell Phone Companies

Now that almost everyone has a cell phone, phone booths main function is collecting dust. A thought popped into my head today of a new way to advertise and/or make some more mu-la for cell phone companies.

A dance club, subway, or any loud public place is a pain to talk on your cell at, correct? So, what if a cell phone company produced sound barrier booths in these areas for cell phone users. You can either charge a small few (10-25 cents) to enter the booth, or offer it for free and have advertisements through out the inside and outside of it.

Just a thought.

phone booth.jpg

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