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Dayton Ballet Newsletter

ballet girlThis is a cover page and inside page of a news letter for Dayton Ballet. The project was placed upon me in a layout design class, and the information and images were provide.

To view my work click here: Dayton Ballet Newsletter


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Study Abroad Brochure

Every summer the University of Dayton‘s Communication Department hosts a study abroad program in London, England or Rome, Italy. In my last semester of college I attended a layout design class were I was instructed to create a brochure for the London program using the few images and information provided.

To view my work click here: Study Abroad Brochure

For more information about University of Dayton‘s study abroad programs visit the University of Dayton Center of International Programs.

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Linked Get A Professional Profile Online and Get Connected

Linked chains Linked is a free service where you can create your own professional profile for the world to see. It is a great way to create and maintain connections with others in your industry and may give you an edge in finding that new job.

Please view my LinkedIn Profile by click on this button:

View Jeffrey Swartz's profile on LinkedIn

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Dayton to Daytona Promotional Event

winners of flip cup tourny

Every now and then I like to put some of my own work on here. I have organized, with the help of a few others, a promotional tournament for the annual Dayton to Daytona trip. The tournament is a fundraiser for two fraternities at the University of Dayton (Sigma Phi Epsilon and Pi Kappa Alpha). More information on the event can be found at I have also done viral marketing, currently trying to place a full page graphic on the campus television station, and utilize word of mouth.

dayton to daytona overhead

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Press Release for Websiteology

megaphone.jpgWhile working at The Next Wave in the summer of 2006 I was given the task of writing press releases for David Esrati’s blogging seminar, Websiteology.

Here is an example of one of my press releases: Continue reading

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Milwaukee Journal Sentinal Interviewed me About Miller Lite Man Laws Ad Campaign

miller-lite-logo2.JPGI wrote about the Miller Lite Man Laws commercials in a post back in June. Last week I received a phone call from Tom Daykin, a journalist for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Daykin was writing an article about the Miller Lite Men of the Square Table commercials and he came across my website. He wanted to interview me not only because I am going into the field of advertising and have already researched and wrote about Miller Lite’s Man Laws, but because I fall into the target audience for the commercials (21-27 year old males).

The article came out today and before lunch rolled around I received an email from a Miller National Concessions and Military Manager, Mark Neuwirth, in reference to the article. Making connections, such as this, was one of my goals during my internship, but I never thought it would be with anyone outside of Dayton, Ohio. All of this excitement with Miller is starting to wear on my loyalty to Bud Light. The least I can do is buy a case of Miller Lite. We’ll just see what beer I drink from there.

Also my internship boss at The Next Wave, David Esrati, wrote about my little fifteen minutes of fame on the next wave blogging site.

I have resently discovered that the article is also posted News. For this website click here.

The Article:


Miller Lite Man Laws rewrite the book on beer commercials

Posted: July 24, 2006

The world is full of laws: laws of nature (Sir Isaac Newton, apple falling from the tree, etc.), constitutional law (go ahead, burn a flag) and Murphy’s Law (as in: assembling a child’s toy on the night before Christmas).

And now, we have Man Laws.

Those are the pronouncements of the Men of the Square Table, Miller Lite’s panel of 10 famous and not-so-famous men.

Is it time to retire the high-five? Absolutely, the Men declare in one TV commercial – but only after a suitable replacement can be found.

OK to date your best friend’s ex-girlfriend? Only after six months, they say – and only if she’s drop-dead gorgeous.

“People are paying attention to these ads,” said Peter Marino, spokesman for Milwaukee-based Miller Brewing Co., which counts Miller Lite as its most popular brew.

Of course, you’d expect a Miller spokesman to say that. But others are saying it, too.

Trade publication Ad Week’s Web site calls the campaign “slightly more thoughtful” than your run-of-the-mill beer ad. The New York Times says the spots “add threads of thought” to the beer business.

Then there’s blogger Jeff Swartz, a Dayton, Ohio, college student whose age and gender land him squarely in Miller Lite’s targeted demographic.

“The commercials are funny and effective,” said Swartz, 21, who’s pursuing a career in advertising. He posted an item about the campaign on his Web log,, after repeatedly hearing friends quote lines from the TV spots.

Continue reading

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My First Solo Client at The Next Wave

dad.jpgMy boss, David Esrati, told me yesterday that I would be getting a client which I would be working for on my own. The client works part time renting white homing pigeons out to weddings, memorials, funerals, etc… As of right now the only thing he wants me to do is build and manage a website for him which I have already started. I am waiting for photographs and film to help build the site, I need to find more content for the site, and select a better theme. The site is

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Blogosopher in the Dayton Daily News

Dayton Daily New‘s Leigh Allan has written an article about Blogosopher, the blogging seminar I have been promoting. This is great publicity and will help increase attendance to the seminar (I say this with crossed fingers). Please check out the article, and if you are interested in increasing hits to your website and/or improving you business look at

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My First Ad in Production

This isn’t the greatest and didn’t have the best results, but it’s the first ad I’ve ever had out in the mainstream. It is a simply two sided flier which I handed out in a shirt and tie on a Wednesday and a Thursday in two lunch hot spots. (Dayton- Brown St. & Courthouse Square) The ad is for, you guessed it, Please, let me know what you think.









A WEBSITE should help build your business and make you money. Forget about the yellow pages, Google is where people will seek Continue reading

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My First Aired Commercial (

websitebluesstill.jpgI turned my first commercial into fox 45 and abc 22 (Dayton) on Monday to be aired at the end of this week. I only did the editing for this film becuase the shots were done before I started my internship.

The commercial is a blues theme staring three individuals who have taken the blogosopher semenar. (David Cousino, LaKeisha Sabol, and Charles Awilum.)

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